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11 February 2016

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  • Aikido - Ken Shin Kai (Portsmouth & Fareham)
    Aikido is ideal for all ages and all levels of fitness. Beginners are introduced gradually to techniques and a safe way of falling to protect their body. You are encouraged to develop at your own pace. Adults and Juniors are taught a range of moves and techniques that are based on self-defence which can also aid weight loss, increase fitness & stamina, improve balance & develop self-confidence. Learn to defend yourself by blending with an attackers power, dispersing his energy, and finally, throwing or controlling the attacker. Traditional Weapons (Staff, Sword and Knife) classes are also available.
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  • Bluewave Korean Martial Arts
    Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art. It provides an excellent way to improve fitness, gain confidence, and learn self-defence. It is also an Olympic sport. Bluewave is a successful and friendly club and both beginners and those with previous experience are welcome.
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  • Combat Martial Arts
    Engaged in the practice of fitness, personal awareness, confidence and self defence.
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  • Fighting Falcons School of Martial Arts
    It is the aim of the school to promote participation in the sport of Kickboxing and Chinese martial arts and instil in its members a code of conduct that befits the true Martial arts and promotes the key attributes such as respect, self confidence and perseverance that are neede to be successful in life. Activities include: Chinese Kickboxing, Self Defence, Cardio, MMA.
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  • Hampshire Choi Kwang Do
    Our non-competitive martial art is open to all abilities. Practical and effective self defence strategies for women & children to help build confidence and raise self-esteem.
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  • Karate Club (Alresford)
    Karate instruction for children and adults. Female & male instructors. For fitness, self defence and self awareness/confidence building. Structured grading at regular intervals.
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  • Karate Club (Portchester)
    Instruction in Shotokan Karate which will increase fitness, self discipline, self confidence and self defence capabilities. We also have a parents with children session (seperate halls).
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  • Ki Aikido Club (Southampton)
    Ki Aikido classes, self defence, relaxation and meditation. For adults and children.
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  • Lovedean Karate Club (Shotokan Karate)
    Lovedean Karate Club was established in 1982. All instruction undertaken by Nationally Registered Insured Instructors. Regular courses & gradings. All instructors Criminal Records Bureau assessed. 7th Dan instruction with in excess of 41yrs experience.
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  • Martial Art World
    A Martial art suitable for men, women and children of all ages. Beginners and experienced students invited. For improved confidence, fitness and self improvement. Special family classes. Ladies only personal safety classes. Further details and starter pack on request, with 30 day free trial.
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  • New Forest Park Judo Club
    We practise Judo every Thursday in order to send players to gradings and competitions.
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  • Odiham Wado Kai Karate Club
    Instruction in Wado Kai Karate for children from the age of 6 years and adults of any age. Qualified Black Belt instructors.
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  • Pak Mei Kung Fu Club
    Pak Mei Kung Fu is a style that combines self defences and concentration required for Kung Fu. Learn traditional chinese martial arts.
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  • Peter Ashley Activity Centre
    Archery, air rifle shooting, climbing, martial arts, assault course, billiards, table football etc. Dormitory accommodation for up to 80 people.
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  • Premier School of Judo (Hedge End)
    Judo and self defence lessons. British Judo Association gradings, competitions.
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  • Ryde Judo Club
    Judo coaching/training sessions for all ages - male and female.
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  • Southampton School Of Tai Chi
    Day/Evening classes - Tai Chi. Slow, gentle and graceful exercise suitable for anyone of any age - Helps to improve posture, balance and co-ordination and helps to relax both mentally and physically. Individual lessons in Tai Chi Martial art applications, Tai Chi Pushing hands and Tai Chi for self defence.
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  • TaeKwonDo (Andover TAGB)
    Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art. The TAGB has a democratically elected committee based on ten geographical areas of the United Kingdom. All qualified instructors have to affiliate themselves and their school to the Association. Members of the BTC which is recognised by the Sports Council.
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  • Tai Chi for Health & Wellbeing
    Yang style short form Tai Chi (right & left hand side), 42 step sword classes. Classes for the over 50's. Childrens classes. Specialised classes for different disabilities.
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