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02 August 2015

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  • Combat Martial Arts
    Engaged in the practice of fitness, personal awareness, confidence and self defence.
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  • Crofton Shotokan School of Karate
    Crofton Shotokan karate is affiliated to the Shotokan of England Karate Union which provide regular courses and gradings.
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  • Crookhorn Shotokan Karate Club
    The only way to learn the true art of karate is to practice in a well-established reputable club with instructors who have an excellent knowledge of the art and the ability to teach in a welcoming and friendly manner. New members are welcome, and we endeavour to make them feel part of the club in as short a time as possible. If you are interested in trying karate for yourself, or you are one of those many people who have harboured an interest but never found the time, do email or telephone us, or simply come along to one of our sessions and meet the team. You can also find us on Facebook under: Crookhorn Shotokan Karate Club (SEKU)
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  • Karate Club (Alresford)
    Karate instruction for children and adults. Female & male instructors. For fitness, self defence and self awareness/confidence building. Structured grading at regular intervals.
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  • Karate Club (Portchester)
    Instruction in Shotokan Karate which will increase fitness, self discipline, self confidence and self defence capabilities. We also have a parents with children session (seperate halls).
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  • Locksheath Karate Club
    Instruction in Shotokan Karate which will increase fitness, self discipline, self confidence and self defence capabilities.
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  • Lovedean Karate Club (Shotokan Karate)
    Lovedean Karate Club was established in 1982. All instruction undertaken by Nationally Registered Insured Instructors. Regular courses & gradings. All instructors Criminal Records Bureau assessed.
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  • New Forest Martial Arts
    We offer Gojuryu and Shitoryu karate instruction from beginner to advanced levels. We hold regular classes and private tuition by special arrangement. At New Forest Karate we believe that Karate should be about fun & that classes should be a challenge but not unrealistically so. Much emphasis is placed on self-defence as none of us are immune to modern-day thuggery. Students are encouraged to train regularly but can choose not to enter competitions and are not compelled to grade until they are completely ready. Our instructors are B.K.A black belts and have been child protection certified. We also teach Tai Chi and Jiu Jitsu.
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  • Odiham Wado Kai Karate Club
    Instruction in Wado Kai Karate for children from the age of 6 years and adults of any age. Qualified Black Belt instructors.
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  • Shotokan of England Karate Union
    The Shotokan of England Karate Union (SEKU) is an Association that practises and promotes traditional Shotokan Karate. Based in Portsmouth and the Southampton area we also have affiliated clubs throughout the South of England. We run special training courses at weekends and hold annual residential courses in the Isle of Wight. We also stage four tournaments each year for both adults and juniors.
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  • Su-Ha-Ri Wado Karate School
    Karate for children from 5 years upwards; Adults and teens any age; Beginners welcome; Boys & Girls.
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