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07 February 2016

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  • Amnesty International (Portsmouth Group)
    A group of like-minded people concerned with human rights abuses throughout the world, with the aim of fighting these abuses via letter writing, publicity to raise awareness and fundraising for research into abuses. We are against the Death Penalty and Torture worldwide.
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    A dedicated team of volunteers in the Catholic diocese of Portsmouth (which covers Hampshire, parts of Berkshire and Oxfordshire and the Channel Islands) helps parishoners and school pupils learn more about global poverty, motivating more and more people to join us and take action. We offer several roles including volunteer speakers, campaigners, MP correspondents and education volunteers. Training and support provided for all roles.
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  • Care and Relief for the Young - CRY
    CRY has charity shops in Hedge End, Eastleigh, Southsea, Woolston, Parkstone, Cosham, Taunton and Jersey. CRY holds fundraising events every year such as the CRY Sponsored Walk (money raised goes to CRY projects across the world - no projects in the UK). For more info please visit www.cry.org.uk
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  • Open Hands Gambia
    Aims to support children and families through provision of medicine, education and assistance with basic nutrition. Supports children in school. Plan to build wells, plant fruit trees. Setting up Goat Farms to provide milk for mal-nourished children, sponsoring the Sulayman Junkung Hospital in Bwiam by supplying equipment, medical aid and finance. Sponsoring midwives.
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  • The Charity 'eye contact'is regulated by a Trust Deed and is a 'Merciful Blind Aid Charity'. It is not a Limited Company.
    We Manufacture/Supply: for the relief of blind persons, particularly young blind/deaf people by supplying, manufacturing, repairing, servicing and obtaining from anywhere in the world, Braille Typewriters, Specialist aids and other equipment/resources that are specifically needed for the training, education and teaching of skills for life which they would not generally be able to obtain because of lack of means. We want to advance the educational resources of all blind and sighted persons partcularily in Braille Literacy. Charitable and Benevolent Links: To advance and encourage any other charitable purposes as the Trustees at their discretion believe would benefit blind/partially sighted or multiply disabled children and Adults.
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